Corona Also Postponed Oscars Until April 2021-Update News

Corona Also Postponed Oscars Until April 2021

Corona Also Postponed Oscars Until April 2021-Update News

Corona Also Postponed Oscars Until April 2021. The world’s largest film festival, the Oscars, has postponed for two months due to the global epidemic Corona. While the global economy has hit by the coronavirus.
The epidemic has hit the entertainment industry hard. According to a foreign news agency, the Oscar ceremony will have held in April 2021 instead of February. The release dates of various films were also postponed due to the accident caused by Karuna. But, the release date of Oscar-nominated films has extended.
And now the films released till February 28, 2021, will be able to enter the competition.
Given the current situation, it remains to has seen. whether the event will continue as before or in new circumstances.
Academy organizers have also postponed the opening of the Los Angeles Film Museum until April 30. But, the organizers of the Emmy Awards for Television have announced. So, the awards ceremony will continue in September.

Corona Also Postponed Oscars Until April 2021

Earlier, other film events, including the Cannes Film Festival, have canceled due to Corona.
This is the first time in 92 years that an award ceremony has have postponed due to illness. In the last 92 years, there have been only three occasions when the Oscars have postponed. For most of one week and the smallest of one day.

non-theatrical films are eligible for the award

The Film Academy is working on ways to tackle the epidemic of theater shows, film production, and festival business. With theaters closing, release dates and major festivals such as Cannes have canceled. The academy made the unusual decision in April to allow films that did not feature theaters. but only for one year.
Corona Also Postponed Oscars Until April 2021-Update News
Neil Patrick Harris hosts 87th annual Academy Awards in Hollywood 2015
The show has inaugurated by presenter Neil Patrick Harris. At the 87th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood in 2015. (Reuters: Mike Black) The Oscars have already have postponed, but never before.
The event has delayed by a week due to catastrophic flooding in Los Angeles in 1938. In 1968, it has delayed two days after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and in 1981.
it has postponed for 24 hours after President Ronald Reagan has shot dead in Washington DC. The 1981 decision has made four hours before the scheduled start of the broadcast.
Brad Pitt won the Hollywood Best Supporting Actor award for Once Upon a Time earlier this year (AP: Chris Pazello). Other entertainment industry awards shows are also changing.
In fact, the 74th Tony Awards on June 7 have postponed. But the 72nd Emmy Awards are still running until September 20. The 78 Golden Globes have no history yet.