Covid-19 relief fund: Imran Khan said that he is the biggest fund saver in Pakistan


Covid-19 relief fund: Imran Khan said that he is the biggest fund saver in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he is the biggest fund saver in Pakistan. He was never ashamed to ask his people for money, but he was ashamed to ask for money from another country.
Addressing the budget session in the National Assembly, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the war attacks had been declared a state of emergency since January 31 and the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) had been asked to provide control of locusts. Funds to Full options given.

The government will not be negligent in any matter, the lobster heart can be dangerous for Pakistan, no matter what steps we take to eradicate it, many things are not in our hands, many things are ours Unusual crowds arrive from Africa, while lobsters are also a threat to Iran and India. We are trying to overcome it.

We pray to God to have mercy and grace in our country.

When there were 26 cases in Pakistan, we took action and shut ourselves down, there were no deaths in Pakistan at that time, in China, we saw that the provinces started taking action on their own, there was no plan at that time.

Yes, I was worried from day one. These are the conditions that will affect us if we copy Europe, America, the conditions of the subcontinent are very different, the slums in Pakistan are slums where 8.9 people live in one room, we are the other Unlike countries, we have those who, together with Krona, saved our people from poverty.

The Prime Minister said that earlier there was criticism that we should have stopped strictly. On March 13, we built the first block.

The prime minister said 50,000 people had been killed in Brazil due to a lack of imprisonment. I pay tribute to the members of the NCOC. The NCOC collected data from around the world. In India, blockades have impoverished 34% of the population. People died on the streets of India.

Everyone says that there are many disadvantages to lockdown. Corona cases are also on the rise in New York and they are starting blockades. Corona is spreading to 23 states in the United States. But they are starting blockades.

He said that given the scenario in the Chinese city of Wuhan and Europe, the provinces had set up blockades and taken action. At that time, there was no central plan. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we have to make people aware of the importance of saving our people, the elderly, and the already sick. If we are careful, we have enough resources that we can afford.

The COC has reported areas where precautions are being taken and where not.

We have deployed our Tiger Force in POE. If we spend this month carefully, we will be aware of its negative effects. Can live Today no one can say how long it will last.
The Prime Minister said that if the government was found, it would be the largest current account deficit in the history of the country at Rs 20 billion. We didn’t find any Swiss economy.

A rising dollar meant an increase in poverty. In the first year, half the taxes were collected and the loans were repaid. Initially, they went to friendly countries for help. I am the biggest fund saver of Pakistan, I have never been ashamed to ask my people for money. Shame on him for taking loans from other countries to save the country from bankruptcy. He said that he spent less than Nawaz Sharif and Zardari on his visit to the United States. The USA, Zardari’s visit to USA USA cost $ 1.3 million, Nawaz Sharif’s visit to the USA.

The United States is worth 1. 1.1 million. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi visited the United States for 700 700,000. I visited the United States.

America 2 for 162,000. He said that loans were taken and royalties were not reduced, expenses and staff of the Prime Minister’s House were reduced, we did not take any loan from SBP when the government took over, there was a revolving loan of one billion rupees from them. Ask if such a situation has arisen. The Prime Minister said that the gap between rich and poor is an obstacle to development.

The funds were distributed to 12 million families in record time.

No one can say that there is political interference in the Ehsan program. So far, the government has built 200 shelters for laborers and day laborers in various cities.

Provision of justice cards to 10 million families. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has decided to issue justice cards to all poor families. The Justice Card is economic protection for poor families. The Prime Minister said that no development has taken place in the tribal districts and areas of Balochistan. The budget provides for tribal districts and record funds.