Lunar Eclipse 2020: Facts and Safety Measures-Update News

Lunar Eclipse 2020 Facts and Safety Measures

Lunar Eclipse 2020: Facts and Safety Measures

Lunar Eclipse 2020: Facts and Safety Measures. Today, like many countries in the world, this will be Pakistan’s first solar eclipse in 2020. The eclipse began at 9:26 a.m. today in Pakistan. After a total solar eclipse, the sun looks like a ring or ring of light.

Experts say that there are some facts about the eclipse and it is very important for everyone to protect themselves from the big damage during the eclipse.

Eclipse data and stereotypes:

The red rays of a lunar eclipse can cause blindness.

NASA scientists say that during a lunar eclipse, sunlight is not safe for us, and the biggest danger is to our eyes because all lunar eclipses are caused by red rays that are ultraviolet and infrared. These are called rays. They can cause severe damage to the human eye.

Exposure to sunlight during a lunar eclipse can burn the retina and cornea of ​​our eyes, causing severe damage to our eyes.

So, if you really want to see the eclipse, please use a special sunscreen that will not harm your eyes, you will be able to see the eclipse directly.

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Is lunar eclipse harmful to pregnant women?

Elderly people often say that pregnant women should not watch the eclipse because it can harm the baby. But NASA scientists say these are just stereotypes, not true at all.

Experts say that lunar eclipses have no effect on pregnant women and that you should not really go out of the house during the eclipse, because there are many disadvantages to doing so, but it is wrong to say that if it was only Useful only for pregnant women.

Lunar Eclipse 2020 Facts and Safety Measures

Shouldn’t you cook during the lunar eclipse?

It is said that food cooked during an eclipse will become toxic. Experts here say that these ideas are based on the belief that sunlight during a solar eclipse is harmful to our food. However, the fact that electricity can only damage cooked food during a lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse 2020 Facts and Safety Measures

Experts say that if these rays affect food, it will affect not only certain foods but also all foods. poisonous

He further added that these are just people’s own ideas, and there is no scientific basis behind them.

Lunar Eclipse 2020: Facts and Safety Measures

Refer to the lunar eclipse, safety precautions

Wear sunscreen when watching lunar eclipses, and check them thoroughly before using sunscreen or sunglasses so that there are no holes in the glass.
If you already have glasses, wear sunscreen when you see a lunar eclipse.
During an eclipse, do not use cameras, binoculars, or other optical instruments to see the sun directly.