Saleem Malik complains of PCB’s| I was trapped because of grouping in the team

Saleem Malik complains of PCB’s

Saleem Malik complains of PCB’s| I was trapped because of grouping in the team


Saleem Malik complains of PCB’s. I was trapped because of grouping in the team. Former national cricket team captain Saleem Malik has opened a new Pandora’s box. He revealed that he was trapped due to grouping in the team. There is a PCB lobby that I don’t like.
In an exclusive interview with GNN, Saleem; a former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, said, “I was cleared by a local court in 2008. Many players were fined and fined. He said that Justice Qayyum does not accept the report.” Other players were given another chance, so why not me.

The names of these people were also in the report. They were treated leniently. When I was the captain, there was a lot of grouping in the team. Both Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram wanted to be captains. I was trapped because of the grouping. The ICC has nothing to do with my case.
Saleem Malik said that I was neither an angel nor a magician; I would win all the matches, the match is won and lost, the match loser blamed me. Pakistan won the most matches under my captaincy, the groupings in the team were very high, which is why I was trapped. He said that I am not against anyone, I have a better chance to prove my innocence, Coronavirus. Because everyone is at home.

Inzamam-ul-Haq, Thaqleen Mushtaq, and Rashid Latif made good statements about me.

I made the statement only after the statements of my teammates, I had no plan. Imran Khan always supported the youth. My status is also better than Imran Khan. Once I met Imran Khan, he said two or three times that Saleem is abusing you. Imran Khan is having a hard time these days.

Maybe my problem is not important to him.

All the boards protected their heroes and gave them medals, what our cricket board did to its cricketers. Life imprisonment is also reduced because of good behavior, my ban is about to be twenty years, for me there should be the same law as for others.

There is some lobby of PCB which I don’t like, there is no role in the board, I just want to serve Pakistan cricket. I want to train young talent and bring back the lost place of Pakistan.