Pakistan Mehran wins Facebook Award-Update News

Pakistan Mehran win Facebook award

Pakistan Mehran wins Facebook Award

Pakistan Mehran wins Facebook Award. The purpose of the Facebook Research Award is to prevent hateful content on global social media through artificial intelligence. Besides, Pakistani experts have made Pakistan world famous.

Ethical winners have recently announced and awarded at the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Program in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The winners from nine different countries include (ITU) professor Junaid Qadir.

The winners from nine different countries include Punjab University Information Technology (ITU) professor Junaid Qadir. Also, joint researcher Amna Raqib, an assistant professor at the Karachi School of Business Administration (IBA).

It should be noted that the social networking website Facebook calls for research reports on effective strategies to prevent the spread of hate and false content on social media through artificial intelligence.

Pakistani wins Facebook Award-Update News

The AI ​​of the World Privacy Congress began accepting data protection (RFP) applications in December 2019.

The Asia-Pacific region has received 50 reports from various countries. Also, including plans to use research-based artificial intelligence to support science. Also, with a balance of ethics and imagination in the field of ethics. Ask for feedback.

Junaid Qadir said the project would not only promote Islamic teachings but also prevent hatred and misinformation.

He said that through the proposed framework, the project team would try to interact with other A-ethics frameworks and come up with new proposals that would provide a general understanding of science and Islamic ethics and principles Can go-ahead.

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